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With NASGO, you can tokenize your company with no coding required.

Innovation Without Complication

We’ve developed the easiest solution for businesses to transition into the blockchain frontier. Our easy to use NASGO Wallet provides all the tools you need to advance your business without breaking the bank!

Launch Your App

Easily launch your application and database. NASGO provides the network encryption, sidechain, and many API’s developers can easily tap into.

Lightning Fast Network

The NASGO Delegate Voting System always ensures that nodes are constantly kept up to date and fast. If nodes under perform, they can be voted off the network.

Secured With NSG

NASGO Tokens (NSG) are used to facilitate transactions, act as voting rights, and allow developers to publish apps to the NASGO Network. One time payment with our NSG token secures your Digital Asset’s spot on our network forever! No future registration fees or subscriptions.

Your Dedicated Sidechain

Developers are able to fully customize their sidechain system, including its own database, consensus algorithm, trading mode and account architecture.

Tap into the NASGO Network

NASGO decentralized networks open up endless opportunities to conduct global e-commerce with trusted blockchain technology. Immune to a single point of failure, NASGO connects publishers and developers to a global community of clients, who enjoy it’s simple to use solutions.


NASGO provides the essential foundation to sidechain with all kinds of APIs, such as database writing, network communication or encryption. Meanwhile, sidechain supplies more nodes to strengthen the whole NASGO system.


NASGO mainchain hosts the NSG currency providing a future hub for all sidechains. Developers will be able to register their own sidechains and even run your own dApps.


NASGO system provides a development tool by which developers can easily create a basic sidechain system. Developers are also able to fully customize their sidechain system, including its own database, consensus algorithm, trading mode and account architecture.

NASGO Explained

In the News

3 Applications of Cryptocurrency Beyond Peer-to-Peer Payments

To be sure, digital currency markets have had their ups and downs. A recent study by Gallup shows that only 2 percent of investors are currently purchasing Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, but one in four is intrigued. With major banks betting on the space, however, that math may be about to change.

An Easy Step To Tokenization For Entrepreneurs

As I grow my newest company, an eight-state region of extreme wellness centers, our team is continually addressing the challenge of bringing new or not yet understood modalities for wellness to a clientele that requires education before they can understand the need and value of the services we offer.

Making Music With Crypto

Jaafar Jackson, son of Jermaine Jackson and nephew of Michael Jackson, and Eric Tippetts, co-founder of NASGO, discuss how they’re ‘tokenizing’ Jaafar’s new album using blockchain technology.

NASGO Made Music and Technology History at ‘The Reveal’, Oct 27 at the Dolby Theater

What a night in Hollywood learning about Blockchain and how it will impact the music business. I was most interested in how the Artists react to the Blockchain movement in music.  Had the opportunity to get info from Cali Tucker who you may remember her from the Voice (love her version of “Dreams”) and Jaafar Jackson the nephew of Michael Jackson. Both of these artists also performed. I got to tell Jaafar, that Michael Jackson gave me a Platinum Record for Bad Album in the 80’s.

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Using token NSG you can:

  • Facilitate transactions using blockchain
  • Vote for delegates and manage resources
  • Decentralized Applications (DAPPS)

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