Millennium Systems is a leading provider of business management software for the beauty and wellness industry. The client’s 30-year history is distinguished by its insight, innovation, and disruption. Its award-winning Meevo platform is a comprehensive, fully-responsive, HIPAA-compliant solution. More than 150,000 daily users log on to the platform to help their businesses thrive.


New Clients Mined


Labor Cost Savings



Revenue: $40M per year
Employees: 150
The Team:
  • 5 Data Mining Technicians
  • 3 Quality Control Managers
  • 1 Dedicated Team Leader
  • Deployed a dedicated team of data entry operators and quality controllers
  • Completed project on time and delivered results with a high rate of accuracy
  • Navigated a complex web of data mining sources and cases in order to produce data for analysis with effectiveness and efficiency

The Challenge

While Millennium Systems offers a highly sophisticated product, its project lacked a specific standard operating procedure. As a result, data processing protocols often varied from person to person. Many processing decisions were made using subjective judgment, which resulted in inconsistent procedures. 

In addition, the process of data entry was time consuming and vulnerable to human error, particularly due the presence of multiple data fields and the frequent occurrence of rekeying and typos.

Moreover, many businesses listed on the platform were closed or their websites were non-functional. And without standardization, it was often difficult to extract information from third-party sources.

The Solution

TechSpeed assembled and trained a dedicated team with expertise in data extraction, mining, and entry, as well as experience working with multiple fields. The team developed a standardized format for processing information from third-party sources. Based on client feedback, the team also undertook retraining sessions. Likewise, team members gathered for brief calls multiple days a week to ensure all team members remained aligned and coordinated.

Value Add

  • Introduced QA to maintain a high level of accuracy throughout project implementation

  • Trained individual team members to improve personal accountability and assure overall project efficiency