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Data Processing

Let us help you efficiently, accurately, and cost-effectively outsource time-consuming data management tasks such as Order Processing, Data clean-up, and CRM management.

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Efficiently search and extract

  • Data Clean-Up & Enrichment

  • Payment & Order Processing

  • Contacts, Images & Products Databases

Data processing solutions

We have the experience to bring your information to life. From cleansing and enriching to database design and implementation, TechSpeed has the people and tools to streamline and effectively outsource even your most complex Data Processing needs.

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An east coast financial
consulting firm

What We Did
  • Data Standardization
  • CASS Certification
  • De-Duplication
  • Database Management
The Team
  • 2 Technicians
  • 1 Quality Assurance

Account Records Cleansed


Hours of Saved In House Labor


Client Labor Cost Savings

Helping you to bring your information to life.

Data Enrichment

By combining our proprietary technologies, customized software, and experienced data technicians, we can quickly and accurately enhance and enrich your existing databases. Our goal is to give you better information so you can drive better business performance.

  • Legal Claims Processing
  • Political Services
  • Real Estate Field Services

Workflow Processing

Prompt engineering is a technique employed in artificial intelligence (AI), specifically in the realm of natural language processing (NLP). AI Whisperers know how to incorporate the task description that the AI system is intended to process into the input itself, often in the form of a question, as opposed to having it inferred implicitly. Effective AI Whisperers can distill the essence or meaning of something into a limited number of words and requests to effectively guide the AI model to produce the best output.

Data Conversion to Digitized Formats

TechSpeed can convert your data into any format. We can import, validate and split your data into multiple tables within a new database. We regularly work with CSV, SGML, XML, HTML, Adobe PDF, XLS, Doc, FoxPro, Dbase, Paradox, Mainframe Data, and many others. Types of digitization we support:

Data Cleansing

Do you have documents or files that have become incorrect with outdated information? Our team of data experts can bring your data back to life with clean-up, repair, and organization services. Regardless of the format, we can clean up and refresh any document from client contact lists to product databases, to e-commerce sites. No job is too big or too small.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Clean, complete, and organized data is the starting point for harnessing the power of your information, however, to fully leverage a database you need meaningful analysis and usable reports and business insights. TechSpeed analysis and reporting services provide clients with the turnkey dashboards, summaries, and insights reports needed to quickly measure business performance.

From our Partners

I would not work with any other service provider. The best part of working with TechSpeed is they provide you with flexibility. My advice for anyone considering TechSpeed is pretty straightforward. Do it.

Rajiv Chegu

Strategy and New Business

We have been using TechSpeed since 2005 for our data processing. They have consistently delivered data in a quick and thorough manner I honestly cannot think of a single incident where our information was late or delivered with errors. Working with them has been an easy and seamless transaction. I would happily recommend TechSpeed to any company in need of data services.

Elizabeth Gilmore

Wacom Technology Services Corp.

I’m honestly not sure how I first found TechSpeed, probably a Google search many years ago. All I can say is that TechSpeed has been a blessing. I give them clear instructions on what I need, and they do the rest, quickly, efficiently and accurately. And if I’m not sure how to accomplish the goal, they come in with suggestions on how to achieve my goal.

Brian Kent


We have worked with TechSpeed since 2007 and they have greatly increased our efficiency in communicating with prospective students. In the past, it would take months for us to input, but with TechSpeed’s help, we can get student data into our system much faster.

Kelly Groves

Associate Director of IP

TechSpeed deftly grasped the core requirements and efficiently delivers a research reports of the utmost caliber to fulfill the stated need. Using a strategic and established workflow, they maintain a rapid pace and deliver well within the budget.

Denise Burns

Founding Partner

Proud to maintain 5-star ratings across the board in multiple disciplines.
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