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Our Artificial Intelligence handlers are experts in optimizing workflows that utilize large language models.

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  • Artificial Intelligence Whisperers & AI Prompt Engineers

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AI Data Processing Solutions

AI tools are constantly changing. Keeping up with these changes can be difficult and time-consuming.. Our trained technicians are fluent in the latest industry updates and can efficiently generate and refine AI-created content for you. Outsource to us and let our experts handle the task of talking to ChatGPT, Google Bard, Midjourney, and other AI generators on your behalf. Our AI specialists know how to effectively prompt and optimize AI tools in order to produce the content you need.

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Case Study

A global online
travel agency

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What We Did
  • Data Mine Business Profile Information
  • AI-driven profile creation with LLM prompting
  • CRM Maintenance and Management
The Team
  • 4 Technicians
  • 1 Quality Assurance

Hotel Profiles Processed


Restaurant & Destination Profiles Processed


Profile Accuracy

We know how to effectively prompt and optimize AI tools in order to produce the content you need.

We are

AI Whisperers and AI Prompt Engineers

Prompt engineering is a technique employed in artificial intelligence (AI), specifically in the realm of natural language processing (NLP). AI Whisperers know how to incorporate task descriptions into AI systems as process inputs,  often in the form of a question. The result is an AI system that operates with less inference and greater accuracy.  Effective AI Whisperers can distill meaning using a limited number of words, more effectively guiding AI models to produce the best possible outputs.

We are

AI-generated Content Tone and Character Creators

When working with AI output, it is important to adapt created content to match the feel, tenor, and personality of your brand. TechSpeed’s prompt engineers work with AI tools to ensure that content is consistent with your desired voice and identity.. Whether your intended tone is formal, business casual, or fun and playful, TechSpeed can leverageArtificial Intelligence Large Language Models (LLM) to ensure that your material always reflects your brand.

We are

AI Content Quality Assurance

Even the best AI prompting can produce unreliable or inconsistent output. TechSpeed content QA technicians know how to edit, revise and clean up AI-generated content so that your material never “feels” like it was made by a machine. Adding the human touch allows your content to reflect your specifications, style, and values.

From our Partners

I would not work with any other service provider. The best part of working with TechSpeed is they provide you with flexibility. My advice for anyone considering TechSpeed is pretty straightforward. Do it.

Rajiv Chegu

Strategy and New Business

We have been using TechSpeed since 2005 for our data processing. They have consistently delivered data in a quick and thorough manner I honestly cannot think of a single incident where our information was late or delivered with errors. Working with them has been an easy and seamless transaction. I would happily recommend TechSpeed to any company in need of data services.

Elizabeth Gilmore

Wacom Technology Services Corp.

I’m honestly not sure how I first found TechSpeed, probably a Google search many years ago. All I can say is that TechSpeed has been a blessing. I give them clear instructions on what I need, and they do the rest, quickly, efficiently and accurately. And if I’m not sure how to accomplish the goal, they come in with suggestions on how to achieve my goal.

Brian Kent


TechSpeed deftly grasped the core requirements and efficiently delivers a research reports of the utmost caliber to fulfill the stated need. Using a strategic and established workflow, they maintain a rapid pace and deliver well within the budget.

Denise Burns

Founding Partner

TechSpeed swiftly got us through a busy season when we were backed up on data entry projects. They went above and beyond to exceed our expectations for sooner-than-expected delivery. Their QA is spot-on and very thorough. TechSpeed has been so great to work with!

Diane Ernstsson

Manager at JDXpert

Proud to maintain 5-star ratings across the board in multiple disciplines.
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