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TechSpeed’s political tools and services have helped win political initiatives nationwide. We partner with you to customize and tailor a solution to help meet your unique campaign objectives.

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Online Fundraising Databases

TechSpeed can build a cloud-based database so that you can access enhanced information on your constituents anytime, anywhere.

Initiative Data Entry And Reporting

TechSpeed has spent years developing one of the most comprehensive petition reporting systems available. This powerful tool documents all petitions collected and identifies any errors in the collection process. It allows you to submit your petitions with the confidence of knowing that you have optimized your entry to avoid error penalties. Some of the reporting features include:

  • Duplicate Petitioner Reports

  • County Match Reports

  • County Wise Petitioners

  • Petitioners Not Matched To Voter List

  • Invalid Petitions Due To Blank Circulators

Circulator Statistics And Reporting

TechSpeed has developed reporting features specifically focused on circulators. It is imperative that you know what is happening in the field and who your best circulators are. Our set of reports will show you exactly who is moving your campaign forward and who is causing problems. We can provide you a suite of reports including:

  • County Wise Circulator Report

  • Circulator Error Report

  • Circulator Efficiency Report

Political List Enhancement

Using your existing list we are able to append your data with valuable information such as phone number, e-mail address, and contribution information. We are able to update contributor addresses to US postal service standards (Cass Certification) and update change of address (NCOA) to ensure your lists are optimized for maximum effectiveness.

Political Data Mining

If you need additional data, let our data mining staff do the political research for you. We are able to mine data from paper documents or crawl the web leveraging public and private databases to help you develop lead and campaign lists fast.

Proprietary Security Applications

TechSpeed ImageFracture™ data security software eliminates all risk of compromising sensitive data during data processing. TechSpeed utilizes this software to securely transmit, distribute, process and store sensitive data. Our revolutionary security software smartly splices scanned images, so that confidential data is disaggregated prior to electronic transmission, distribution, or processing. ImageFracture™ eliminates all sensitive data processing risk and is HIPPA, PCI DSS and SOX compliant. With our proprietary ImageFracture™ technology, TechSpeed can safely guard sensitive data such as social security numbers and contributor information in a way no other provider can.

Whether you are a solo practitioner, part of a large firm, or are a principal at a small or medium boutique law firm, TechSpeed can help streamline, standardize and automate your back office processes so that you can stay focused on the practice.

Litigation Support

Getting your data in a format that is easily accessible makes all the difference in the world. Our team of database experts can program tools to organize, format and structure your data for easy access and turnkey lookups. We have helped many firms prepare for court by placing the right data at their fingertips during court proceedings.

Intellectual Property Research

No matter the type of intellectual property, TechSpeed can complete this essential research. Using state-of-the-art protocols and processes, we can efficiently gather and report the information you are looking for.

Document Modeling

Give us a template in PDF, Word, XML, or any other file format and TechSpeed will make sure that your documents adhere to the required structure.

Written Transcription

Transcribing hard copy documents into an editable format is an important step in your data organization process. TechSpeed will take PDFs, hard copies, and any other non-selectable format and transform it to a format that will work for you.


We Value Our Team

TechSpeed offers an inclusive environment, growth opportunities, competitive compensation, and involvement in cutting-edge projects. With a focus on diversity, innovation, and employee well-being, it’s a company that values and empowers its workforce.

Rajiv Chegu

Strategy and New Business
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I would not work with any other service provider. The best part of working with TechSpeed is they provide you with flexibility. My advice for anyone considering TechSpeed is pretty straightforward. Do it.

Rajiv Chegu

Strategy and New Business

I’m honestly not sure how I first found TechSpeed, probably a Google search many years ago. All I can say is that TechSpeed has been a blessing. I give them clear instructions on what I need, and they do the rest, quickly, efficiently and accurately. And if I’m not sure how to accomplish the goal, they come in with suggestions on how to achieve my goal.

Brian Kent


We have been using TechSpeed since 2005 for our data processing. They have consistently delivered data in a quick and thorough manner I honestly cannot think of a single incident where our information was late or delivered with errors. Working with them has been an easy and seamless transaction. I would happily recommend TechSpeed to any company in need of data services.

Elizabeth Gilmore

Wacom Technology Services Corp.

We have worked with TechSpeed since 2007 and they have greatly increased our efficiency in communicating with prospective students. In the past, it would take months for us to input, but with TechSpeed’s help, we can get student data into our system much faster.

Kelly Groves

Associate Director of IP

TechSpeed deftly grasped the core requirements and efficiently delivers a research reports of the utmost caliber to fulfill the stated need. Using a strategic and established workflow, they maintain a rapid pace and deliver well within the budget.

Denise Burns

Founding Partner

Proud to maintain 5-star ratings across the board in multiple disciplines.
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