Otta developed an online job portal that uses sophisticated filters and personalized recommendations to help job seekers match up with roles at innovative companies. This portal provides candidates with an effective, efficient, and customizable job search experience.

24 Hour

Posting Turnaround


Team Members


Labor Savings

Revenue: $40M per year
Employees: 150

New Jersey

  • Reached daily targets with accuracy, accountability, and in strict adherence with client specifications
  • Managed additional projects in support of the client’s business expansion goals
  • Reduced the client’s workload while producing high-quality data conversion

The Challenge

The collaboration with otta presented a few practical challenges. Many of the jobs listed on the portal entail a broad range of tasks. As a result, it was at times difficult to properly organize project fields, especially those defining the Function and Sub-Function of each job. In addition, the project was handled through a client-managed web tool, which could result in occasional process delays.

The Solution

TechSpeed employed a team of data entry operators with relevant experience in similarly complex projects. The team underwent highly effective training tailored specifically for the project at hand. 

We also helped the client develop their first SOP. The SOP underwent several modifications, which ultimately led to additional training. The team’s experience, expertise, and adaptability ultimately resulted in quality results, on-time delivery, and a thoroughly satisfied client.

Value Add

  • Established a skilled QA team led by a team lead/project manager before submitting any records to the client

  • Developed an accuracy/error dashboard to track team performance, identify underachievers, and organize retraining as needed

  • Streamlined processes for identifying and rectifying errors promptly