Passbase provides digital identity verification, AML, and KYC compliance solutions. The client simplifies user verification and gives developers the tools they need to verify new users faster, cheaper, and with bank-level confidence. Their mission is to create a more privacy-centric future that gives people control over their own data.

5 Minutes

Approval Turnaround


Team Members



Revenue: $10M per year
Employees: 50


  • Achieved daily targets with a high degree of accuracy 
  • Worked with a dedicated team of data entry operators and quality controllers
  • Streamlined document verification processes and ultimately boosted project effectiveness

The Challenge

Passbase verifies a wide range of highly specific official document types including Driver’s Licenses, Passports, etc. To further complicate matters, the formatting for each of these documents varies widely from one country to another. Sometimes the documents were unreadable, unclear, or in a foreign language. This made proper analysis difficult and time consuming.

The Solution

TechSpeed assembled a group of capable individuals who were skilled at examining documents serving a wide range of official purposes. These individuals were also trained to recognize the various document types used by different countries. The result was greater quality assurance regardless of document format, language, or clarity.

Value Add

  • Established a QA team that double-checked all records before presenting them to the client
  • Developed an accuracy/error dashboard to monitor team performance, pinpoint the underachievers, and plan retraining accordingly